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Dr Shabnam Zai is a preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental surgeon, placing special emphasis in providing beautiful smiles and restoring dental health in the most conservative way possible, with a gentle and caring approach.

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I am presently accepting new private patients in both my London and Slough dental surgeries.

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The London Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry
28 Wimpole Street, W1G 8GW

Tel. 020 7224 1488 / 020 7636 9933

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1] described one patient (out of 21) who developed fistula due to an incision made in the anterior vaginal wall during surgery, and despite primary repair and interposition of an omental pedicled flap, a nvf developed. Therefore, every precaution should be taken to prevent injury to the vagina during dissection of the vesico-vaginal plane. Risk of injury to the vagina is greatest during the most distal dissec­tion of the vesico-vaginal plane in the region of the urethra. Rapp et al [8] had refined their tech­nique by minimizing blunt dissection in the vi­cinity of the bladder neck and sharply dissec­ting the posterior urethra. Our institute has vast and long experience in ileal-neobladder. [9] in the last 16 years, we have performed 126 ileal neo bladders. Of them, the present case was the fourth neo-bladder in fe­males. The earlier three patients had uneventful recovery. In our technique, we dissect the ure­thral and vaginal stumps separately to have easy anastomosis at the neck of the neo-bladder, thereby avoiding fistula formation [figure 2]. In this patient, probably due to vascular injury, the patient developed fistula and subsequently had local recurrence of the malignancy due to which the fistula could not be repaired. Some authors have advocated that preserving the anterior vaginal wall during cystectomy sig­nificantly decreases the risk of nvf and im­proves functional results by preventing vaginal descent. [1] others have advocated vaginal sparing cystectomy. [10] vaginal sparing cystectomy has also been used in an attempt to preserve both vaginal size and the surrounding neurovascular anatomy that contributes to the sexual functions. [10] studies have shown that preserving reproduc­tive organs in modified radical cystectomy is feasible without jeopardizing the oncological basis of the operation [5] ,[10] [table 1]. Avoidance of the overlapping suture line bet­ween the vagina and bladder neck as well as omental flap interposition prevents fistulization. A modified technique suggested by ali-el-dein et al [2] to prevent nvf, includes the following: vaginal transection so as to obtain a longer an­terior than posterior vaginal flap, embedding of the vaginal stump (after the latter is closed) to ensure a posterior facing vaginal stump suture line away from the urethra-ileal anastomosis, suture fixation of the peritoneal edge from the anterior rectal wall to the top of the vaginal stump and most importantly, suturing of a mo­bile pedicle omental flap (based on the left gas­troepiploic vessels) on the anterior vaginal flap as a pedicle interposition flap between the va­ginal stump and urethra ileal anastomosi. buy cheap viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale buy cheap viagra buy viagra viagra for sale cheap generic viagra viagra online prescription buy cheap viagra viagra online Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday*

Slough, Berkshire

Wexham Road Dental Surgery
208 Wexham Road, SL2 5JP

Tel. 01753 776 655

*Saturday Surgery
Dr. Shabnam works one Saturday a month to treat private patients in the Slough surgery.
Please enquire when booking an appointment if you require a weekend appointment.

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28 Wimpole Street

Tel: 020 7224 1488

Wexham Road
Dental Surgery

208 Wexham Road

Tel: 01753 776 655