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Dentists Who Invest
Ep 162 Successful Squats with Dr. Shabnam Zai

Featured on “Dentists Who Invest Podcast” with James Martin

We are excited to spotlight Shabnam’s insightful appearance on the Dentists Who Invest Podcast, hosted by James Martin. This episode offers a journey into the life of Dr. Shabnam. It reveals the steps and vision that transformed her dream of owning a practice into a successful reality.

From Vision to Squat Success

Dr. Shabnam’s story begins with a vision – a recorded affirmation of her aspirations for her practice. This vision laid the foundation for her journey to squat success. It illustrates the power of setting intentions and committing them to paper.

In addition, Dr. Shabnam advises Dental Associates to use their time in existing practices to learn the nuances of running a business. She emphasises the importance of building a support network. Importantly, she outlines key strategies for maintaining patient loyalty and practice growth.

Squat Success

Furthermore, Dr. Shabnam and James highlight the significance of embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and dental squat success. She inspires listeners to confidently pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by sharing how she transitioned from avoiding risks to tackling them head-on.

Moreover, her story serves as a beacon, guiding future dental professionals towards creating their own squat success narratives in the competitive world of dentistry.

Balancing Family and Career

Finally, Dr. Shabnam talks about how she adopts an inclusive parenting approach, merging her family life with her professional duties. She shares how engaging her children in practice-related activities and involving them in practice events, fosters a harmonious balance between her personal and professional worlds.

Join the conversation with Dr. Shabnam Zai and James Martin. Discover how to navigate the challenges of dental entrepreneurship with grace, strategy and a deep commitment to personal growth and family values.


Paying It Forward

Shabnam ZaiShabnam ZaiJanuary 26, 2024

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